Lucas Abela - Temple of Din

Temple of DIN



The Temple of Din is an audio arcade consisting of a series of pinball/musical instrument hybrids that make sound generation, not scoring the games main objective. Works like; Pinball Pianola (2012) a Frankenstein experiment combining an upright piano and a pinball game with twenty flippers triggered by a keyboard that shoots balls against the soundboard’s exposed strings, Balls for Cthulhu (2013) a pentagram shaped multiplayer game formed by ten guitars with their fret boards facing inward, so the strings take the full brunt of balls jostled by players stationed at each of the stars five tips, Flip-Off (2013) a pin/foosball hybrid that creates automated break core music by triggering Toecutter samples and Pitchfork (2015) which has twenty tuning forks incorporated throughout the playfield you can aim for.

Built for musical play by Australian sound artist Lucas Abela these machines form the Temple of Din, a place that can only be attributed to the cacophonous Miami Beach video arcade of his youth. Where the reverberating screams of multiple amusement machines housed closely together in a small concrete room became etched into his psyche and must have influenced his adult life as part of the international free-noise underground.

By appropriating the pinball format for these participatory sound installations Abela taps into an affinity people have with these much loved amusements. As an interface it contains a certain level of intuitiveness, once at the controls audiences have an innate understanding for the language of the game instinctively knowing what’s expected from them, a palpability that gives the work instant immediacy. By harnessing this affinity the experiences created are tangible, fun and layered with purposeful goals that go beyond mere interaction, instead requiring focused engagement that challenges the audience beyond the ‘do this and that happens’ passive experiences so common in interactive art.

This event is taking place in co-orporation with Brussels Art Days and with the support of the Australian Embassy

opening hours of the exposition:

11.09 from 11:00 til 23:00
12.09 from 11:00 til 01:00
13.09 from 11:00 til 19:00

Temple of Din - Palais de Tokyo - Do D!sturb from Lucas Abela on Vimeo.