Meakusma aftermath


Jason Kolar (es) Dntel (usa) + Georgia (usa) + Nosedrip (b) + Joscha Creutzfeldt (ger)


Jason Kolar (es) Dntel (usa) Georgia (usa) + dj Nosedrip + Joscha Creutzfeldt (ger)

Jason Kolar: Recorded in the artist’s apartment during 2017, Modified Perspectives is presented by Kolàr as “a hidden place between science and magic. A secret playground where brainwaves rejoice and wander around.” And in that esoteric sense of magick, any attempt to grasp its misty dimensions may leave the person describing it effectively clutching at pretty air.
But what we can tell you is, it beautifully recalls the meditative airs of Dominique Lawalrée or Vini Reilly, as well as the synthetic allure of so much Japanese ambient music, but ultimately it’s got a slightly smudged, just-outta-reach quality that really draws us deep...

Dntel is the operational alias for Los Angeles resident Jimmy Tamborello. Jimmy also sometimes records and releases music under the name James Figurine. He is also the host of the Dublab show Dying Songs. And, he is also, it’s true, one half of The Postal Service (whose 2003 album Give Up is Sub Pop’s second best-selling album of all time). In 2007, we at Sub Pop released the most recent Dntel album, entitled Dumb Luck which included contributions from a whole raft of talented people too numerous to list here (a short version of that list would include members of Grizzly Bear, Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, and Arthur & Yu). On Dec. 7th, 2010 we are releasing new music from Dntel in the form of a pair of companion EPs, entitled After Parties 1 and (very sensibly, given their complementary relationship) After Parties 2. These two EPs collect 8 new Dntel tracks (3 on After Parties 1 and 5 on After Parties 2) which are a bit more minimalist and experimental in nature, all of them instrumental, and feature (to the best of our “knowledge”) a list of guest contributors numbering exactly zero. These 8 new tracks are also, we are able to discern even through the mist of biases both personal and professional, really something special.


Georgia is a collaboration between Brian Close and Justin Tripp. On their own Georgia Sounds imprint, they have previously released one album, 'Asemic Club ', a collection of sound recordings from the previous 5 years, woven together into a dizzying stew. 'Like Comment' is their latest offering of polyrhythmic and wayward grooves, a stuttering and strutting exploration of edited improvisation and a comfortable confrontation between playful nonsense and deeper meaning. The album slides across a varied palette of sporadic rhythm pulses, ethno-tourist grooves, spiritual murk and 21st Century electronics, looking decidedly forward while nourished by the bounty of the past. In light of the group's extensive work in film and video for artists such as David Byrne, Lee Perry, Julia Holter and many more, the music on 'Like Comment' often feels intended as an environmental accent or cinematic accompaniment, seemingly inspired as much by a location or visual as by other music. As the first full length album released by the Belgian meakusma label, 'Like Comment' is a highly original and sophisticated take on modern club music.

running order of this night

1) Jason Kolar

2) Dntel 

3) Georgia

+ dj's Nosedrip & Joscha Creutzfeldt