Metabolismus, Aki Onda, Akio Suzuki, Miki Yui, Felix Kindermann

outsider field

Metabolismus +
Aki Onda & Akio Suzuki +
Miki Yui +
Felix Kindermann +
+ dj Christophe Piette

8 €

Metabolismus  - Aki Onda & Akio Suzuki  - Miki Yui -an installation by Felix Kindermann + dj Christophe Piette take over our building on March 13th!
Legendary Japanese sound artist/instrument builder Akio Suzuki and electronic musician, composer, and visual artist, Aki Onda - performing with self-made instruments, analogue tape machines and radios, wood pieces, nails, hammer, glass and bouncing balls, and daily objects, by responding to architecture and acoustics of the performance space.

Metabolismus could be as famous as Nurse With Wound: for over twenty years, the collective operates from the German hinterlands. Two rare occasions in one: Metabolism live on stage with Samara Lubelski !

Miki Yui: Starting from a perception of the faintest sounds and noises, Miki Yui develops pieces of music, drawings and sound installations that are subtle references to existents. Currently in residence at Q-02.

Janáček String Quartet No.1 'Kreutzer Sonata' Separated, an installation by Felix Kindermann
The work Janáček String Quartet No.1 'Kreutzer Sonata' Separated shows the four musicians of the Zerkalo Quartet. But instead of playing together, the four musicians are recorded isolated and completely separated from each other. Re-merged on four individual monitors in one installation we hear and see each individual playing her/his part of the score with nothing left but the imagination from one another.

+ dj Christophe Piette