Michael Chapman, Gernas Shekmous

Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman +
Gernas Shekmous

10 €

Michael Chapman first appeared on the London and Cornwall folk music circuits in 1967, alongside John Martyn and Roy Harper. He recorded his debut album in 1969 and three subsequent albums on the Harvest label. After the release of Wrecked Again, Chapman parted with Harvest, choosing to sign to Decca’s subsidiary Deram, where he began adding electric guitar and harder rhythms to his work. Several albums were released on Deram during the early to mid 1970’s including one produced by Memphis legend Don Nix.

Gernas Shekmous est un amoureux des musiques soufies. Initialement joueur de Daf, il étend depuis son arrivée en Europe ses connaissances rythmiques et pratique d’autres instruments de percussion. D’origine Syrienne Kurde, il préserve à tout moment une identité musicale forte, tout en gardant une ouverture aux mélanges et rencontres.

doors 20:00
first concert at 20:30 sharp.
end of concerts 22:30, curfew at midnight.