MovieLab 2


"MovieLab" #2

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MovieLab #2. Every 3rd Monday of the month, a night dedicated to experimental cinema and other related audiovisual experiments.

Welcome to Movielab, a film-club where you get the rare chance to view or review some unique classic and contemporary experimental films, in their original format.
Movielab is also an open platform where you can show your experimental work: film, performance, live act, music set, installation, …If you want to propose something drop us an email to

The Review your Classic compilation: 
"Poetika & Politiki" 
Because arts and experimental cinema are not immune from what goes on in the world and in the news, here is a "Review your classic" compilation with some intriguing experimental films wich deal with reality and politics, in a poetic, playful or serious way. Greece, USA, migrations, economics, war, …. these are some of the keywords which have loosely inspired this compilation.

Hans Richter, DE, 1928, 16mm, silent, 3'

"Newsreel of Dreams 1"
Stan Vanderbeek, US, 1963-1964, 16mm, sound, 9'

"Retour à la Rue d'Eole"
Maria Kourkouta, GR, 2012, 16mm on video, sound, 14'14"

Tom Dewitt, US, 1971, 16mm, sound, 16'30"

"Austerity Measures"
Guillaume Cailleau & Ben Russell, GR, 2012, 16mm, silent, 8'40"

"Photo Op"
Bill Morrison, US, 1992, 16mm, sound, 5'

"Dar El Beida"
Tim Sharp, UK/AT, 1996, 16mm, sound, 3'

"Free Fall"
Arthur Lipsett, CA, 1964, 16mm, sound, 9'

Guillaume Le Boisselier is a self-taught improviser and composer.
Part of his work could be qualified as some kind of primitive and instinctive musique concrète. He's looking for a form of concision rather than for extended durations, and has a taste for contrasts, from light to wall shaking sounds. 
He uses contact mics and objects, as well as tonal instruments such as iranian Santur or some asian percussions, but also some electronic DIY devices and effects to generate a music that ranges from tense, intimate soundscapes to harsh noise experiments. 
He works mainly with contemporary dancers and theatre but can also be found under several names / collaborations such as BLASTèME!, Hippy Death Suite, The Flowers of The Five Wounds or La Tierce. 
He lives in Bruxelles.