New Moon Walk


New Moon Walk


Unfortunately we regret to inform you that the New Moon Walk event will be postponed until further notice. Because of the new Covid-19 restrictions and limited bubbles we are forced to change the format drastically which would affect the collective experience. 

Besides, in regard of recent developments, we believe it’s our mutual responsibility to prevent the virus from spreading and collective events should happen on a more appropriate moment.

All reservations will be refunded before the end of this month. Reservations stay valid; as soon as we found a new date we will let you know by email, and here in the event.

Meanwhile, see you in the space between.


A Collective Environmental Recording and Meditation
(with happy ending)

Nature’s harmony in music
Hearing a distant sound
How strange it all can be
Imagination out of key

Walk in circles
Sound mirrors reflect
The gazing moment of inner peace
Where we all connect

The love frequency
Picked up by the radio
Watch our movements
And hear the instruments nearby


Join us on a collective environmental recording.
Follow a route through nature and encounter acoustic musicians along your path, sound technicians make a recording of you and the musicians.

Be quiet and concentrated,
this recording and session will happen in one take only.

When the New Moon Walk composition is completed,
we gather in ‘The Space Between’ for a communal visual experience.


Thursday 13th August
20:30 – 22:00
Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium

We kindly ask you for a contribution of 6 euro that covers the entrance to Botanic Gardens. You can plan your visit earlier that day and discover the beautiful surroundings.

mail to be part of the recording and the experience (cap. limited to 90p).


A project by Ben Bertrand, Basic Moves, STROOM and BRASS - Centre Culturel de Forest for The Space Between / Waking Life