Our City, Matthieu Ha

Our City by Maria Tarantino

"Our City" a film by Maria Tarantino +
Matthieu Ha


This event is not taking place at les ateliers claus! But on the roof of Parking 58 in Brussels.
The concert of Matthieu Ha will take place at de Beursschouwburg

A city under construction. On its horizon you can see the profile of cranes and the skeletons of new towers. But what is the human construction that we are putting into place? What is the human profile that surges out of the city?

This is Brussels, the capital of Europe, a city of concrete cages wrapped in glass, planned by businessmen and politicians, set in motion by construction workers, and animated by office people. But there, in the narrow spaces just beyond the reach of bureaucracy, lies the Brussels that still breathes. You can hear its multicultural heart beating and see the traces of all the other cities, the ones each person carries within him/herself. All of us together add up to create the complex body and dissonant identity of Our City.

Maria Tarantino (born in Milan in 1972) studied philosophy in Scotland and Italy before settling down in Belgium, where she gradually moves from philosophy to journalism.
In Brussels she works for the press, radio and television for several years. It's her program for Flemish television about young documentary-makers from all over the world (The World of Tarantino) that inspires her to quit journalism for cinema. That's how she directs her first two documentary films, both of which are anchored to the world of prisons. The first, Inside Out (Diritto Rovescio, 2009, Canvas, selected by the London Independent Documentary Festival and broadcast by BBC), follows a group of prisoners in an Italian prison as they create a theatre performance inspired by the writings of Michel Foucault : « the theatre of the free word inside the theatre of power ». The second, Kubita (A game for many players, 2011) is a self-funded and self-shot film about torture in Burundi's prisons. The film uses the experience of “theatre and reconciliation” inside the prison of Mpimba in Bujumbura (initiated by theatre-maker Frederique Lecomte) to displace all levels of meaning and free the word of prisoners on the tabu- subject of torture.
Kubita toured around Burundi, it was shown at the festivals of Docville, Parnu and broadcast on TV5.
Maria Tarantino sets up the production house WILDUNDOMESTICATED in Brussels in 2009 and begins the long adventure of the feature-length documentary Our City, which will be completed five years later.

2015 / 83 min / ST FR NL / BELGIUM - NETHERLANDS
the trailer: www.ourcityfilm.com
the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ourcitybrussels
trailer on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/110640121

+ concert of Matthieu HA

22:00 – 23:30 screening of OUR CITY  
23:30 – 24:30 concert by Matthieu HA


This concert is taking place in co-production with Kunstenfestivaldesarts