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 ‘The finest album of its kind since ‘Original Pirate Material’ from The Streets’ (Boom)
In the past year, we've seldom seen such an exciting live act as that of Sleaford Mods. So we're keen on this furious working class rage that has its roots in both punk and hip hop. Armed only with a laptop and a frontman, Sleaford Mods knocks everyone to the ground. When the ever beer-drinking Andrew Fearn presses play, the laptop produces primitive beats and familiar bass sounds upon which frontman (with mod-haircut) Jason Williamson can spew his furious lyrics into the microphone.
But we're not the only fans. They just played Glastonbury, Mike Patton recently released an actual compilation of the band's work on his Ipecac label, The Prodigy invited them to jack up their street credibility, and their brand new album ‘Key Markets’ is stacking up superb reviews.
Opening act will be Belgium's Vortex Campaign (the Verstraete brothers) and also Sissy Spacek (not to be confused with - euh - Sissy Spacek, the American actress/singer), a project of noise-master John Wiese.

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This concert is a co-production with Ancienne Belgique