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Suishou No Fune (JP) was formed by Pirako Kurenai and Kageo in Tokyo, July,1999.
Basics of their music are formed by twin guitars in duo. Twin guitar players are influenced and create songs. Kageo's guitar work establishes the basics of a song in the case of most.
Pirako plays a lead guitar mainly, and often receives inspiration from free style playing, and sing a song adlib.
The artistic sound is the psychedelic Rock that twin guitars work that is full of sensitivity by the freedom that is not bound by stereotype. Suishou No Fune usually make much songs by adlib, sing the song which make the best use of the japanese poetic beauty.
You will enjoy the sound of Japanese verse and their psychedelic world, if you don't understand Japanese.

Riccardo Dillon Wanke (It): The live perfomance consists of 45 minutes of an electronic/glitch-drone piece mainly created with analogue synthesizers and oscillators, filters and sequencers. It could vary depend on the venue and it set for PA and/or guitar/bass amps emission. Ricardo is releasing a new LP on Three:Four Records

Strategy (UK)

Pods of Punishment, like parallel collection Seeds of Paradise, is a journey into tube-amped, molten bass and media fragments. It reveals Strategy’s strong science fiction threads and fixation on radio as a musical medium: its ghostly disembodiment, its persistent familiarity, and its spontaneous impact on the sounds around it. Stategy released a new record on Entracte.

+ dj Christophe Piette