Cate Le Bon interview

Cate Le Bon :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

When I meet Cate Le Bon in the lobby of her Downtown Los Angeles hotel, she starts by kindly offering me some help: “If you can’t understand anything after the fact, please just email me.” She says this because her Welsh accent has a tendency to confuse—there was a time in France when she asked for a cup of water and received a pint glass of milk—but after a number of years living in LA herself, she’s truthfully not difficult to understand. On the contrary, she speaks very clearly. 

We’re in a hotel because Le Bon doesn’t formally have a home just right now—she gave up her place in LA to spend a year in North West England’s rural Lake District, where she attended furniture school full-time and lived in a cottage by herself. It was there that she wrote her new LP, Reward, and since then she’s been floating around: some time with Deerhunter, during which she worked as the lead producer on their new album; some time with Tim Presley (a.k.a. White Fence), who she makes music with as Drinks. 

But now she’s here, sitting on a barstool, trying to reconcile all of the people and places that played into her most glamorous (and best) work to-date—a musical product that was informed and fueled by what she learned in school, working with her hands, becoming comfortable with just focusing on the physical product in front of her. Not unrelated from that process, Reward was also informed by her efforts to forget what music feels like when it’s viewed as work. That process took time, and was aided by the help of David Bowie.

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