Europalia 2019: Diary Of A Collaboration

In the Apuseni Mountains there is a community of women of various ages, who play tulnic, a woodwind instrument - similar to the Swiss alphorn - used as a means of communication centuries ago. 

Over the past decades, Romania has taken important steps in order to assimilate this tulnic culture as an important traditional element of its own culture and history. Unfortunately, there have been few inquiries about the instrument; no music for tulnic has ever been written, and the instrument has been extremely rarely recorded on a disc (or saved on any archival medium formats).

From May 7 until May 17th 2019, we organized an art residency in the village Avram Iancu, from the Alba Iulia county. The village lies on the foothills of Mount Găina, which is part of the Apuseni Mountains.


Milan W