OTO Radio - Auction special with Tommy Denys


"Lucky to have friend and Les Ateliers Claus' artistic director Tommy De Nys to thank for putting together this mix of music from artists who have donated to the Cafe OTO Covid-19 auction. A mixture of unreleased archive recordings, live music from Brussels, releases from our in house label and Tommy's own selections, the show includes music from Mosquitoes, Otomo Yoshihide, Rie Nakajima, Beatrice Dillion and Eiko Ishibashi. "


Mosquitoes - Live in Brussels 2019

Eiko Ishibashi - Epilogue: Innisfree

Peter Brötzmann, Keiji Haino - Live at Café OTO 2011

Joe McPhee, Lol Coxhill, Evan Parker, Chris Corsano - First Dance

Mica Levi - Lonely Void

Otomo Yoshihide - Part 2 Live at Café OTO

Rie Nakajima - Whistle and Bag

Mats Gustafsson / Thurston Moore - Live at Café OTO 

Joelle Leandre - 18.3.15 Live at Café OTO

Pat Thomas - Lubb

O Yama O - Oni

Asiq Nargile - Orta Saritel

Beatrice Dillon - Pause 

Alan Wilkinson, John Edwards, Steve Noble - Spellbound Live At Cafe OTO