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the setlist of Moondog for Gamelan


Tout Suite Mov. 3

Logr. #19

"2 West 46 Str." (Suite Pentatonic Mov. 3)

Snow Flakes

Jazz Book #2.

Ma Petite

Suite Pentatonic, Mov. 1

Voices of Spring

Dog Trot

Fleur de Lis

Big Cat / Peace Pipe (Suite Pentatonic Mov. 2)

Black Oak (trimba solo by Stefan Pedersen (Lakatos)

Viking 1

Hell is not a place



Grains of Sand

Novette in 3 Movements.



photo by Laurent Orseau 

  • Moondog for Gamelan


All pictures by Laurent Lorseau


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  • Ben Bertrand

Depuis 2004, Laurent Gérard alias Èlg ne cesse de dessiner l'équivalent sonore de spirales concentriques et de labyrinthes faits de fleurs, ronces et boyaux. En renouvelant compulsivement son instrumentarium au fil des années, il tisse des liens inattendus entre musique concrète et débris de chansons, entre incantations tribales en crypte électronique et danse de poupées russes sur Mars. Èlg est aussi une moitié d'Opéra Mort (avec Jo Tanz),  33% d'Orgue Agnès (avec Sourdure et 1er Chasseur) et ancien tiers des Reines d'Angleterre (avec Ghédalia Tazartès et Jo Tanz). Il fait aussi partie du monstre-clown à deux têtes « Schultz et Èlg » en compagnie du poète sonore Damien Schultz. En solo ou en groupe, ses albums ont été édités dans plusieurs pays d'Europe et d'ailleurs par Kraak, SS-Records, Alter, Hundebiss Records, Lexi Disques, Fonal,  SDZ,  Bo'Weavil,  Nashazphone... son prochain opus sortira sur « Gravats », le label de Low Jack, fin 2017. 

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All pictures : Geert Coppens

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17.00 Doors opening
17.30 Documentary Folkas en tournée au Kasaï by Rabia Kaçar
18.45 Introduction by Pie Tshibanda
19.00 Concert by Kasaï Allstars
21.00 Concert by MJ30
23.00 End


The Kasai Allstars are one of the “Congotronics” series’ poster groups signed by the Belgian label Crammed Disc. They have a contemporary-trad style that has its origins in the outskirts of Kinshasa and is adored by music aficionados the world over, whether fans, the media (such as Rolling Stone  and Les Inrockuptibles) or musicians (including Björk, Saul Williams and Questlove).

Their music, personality and the voice of their singer Muambuyi also inspired director Alain Gomis. His film “Félicité” tells the story of a proud, independent woman’s mad dash through the streets of Kinshasha to save her son. Her profession: singer in the Kasai Allstars! The film premiered at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival. The group played themselves and composed the soundtrack.

The Kasai Allstars is a collective of musicians from Kasai province (in the Democratic Republic of Congo). The relationships between the region’s different ethnic groups. Together they have been able to overcome the differences of their respective cultures, languages and traditions and transform them into a goldmine of sonic textures and distinct rhythms.

Transcendent, electric and hypnotic, their music flirts with psych rock and electro while burrowing its roots into traditional celebration music and ancient rituals, long suppressed by European colonisers. Join the group for an unmissable party as they transform the Terarken Room into a Kinshasan dance floor.

We’ve also planned an after-party with music from Congolese singer and composer Mj30. After collaborating with legends such as Papa Wemba and Koffi Olomide, the protégé of Tshala Mun is enjoying a brilliant solo career and gets all of Africa dancing.


Wednesday 25th October, KRAAK and ateliers claus present : Native Instrument & Jung An Tagen & Èlg


Moondog composition "Viking 1"  played on bamboo gamelan and trimba featuring Iwan Gunawan's Kyai Fatahillah group with Stefan Lakatos

Monday, 16th October 2017 : Kraus @ iMal