We're glad here to announce the concert of the Felix Kubin Orchestra.
This concert will take place at Les Brigittines on December 4th.

Samedi (28 septembre), c'est l'ouverture de Les Ateliers Claus. Pour un de nos chambres, nous sommes à la recherche de tapis, coussins, lampes normales, livres, ... si vous avez quelque chose que vous voulez partager, se débarrasser, …contactez-nous

Saturday (28th Sept) is the opening of Les Ateliers Claus. For one of our rooms we're looking for some carpet, cushions, normal lamps, books, …if you have something you want to share, get rid of, please get in touch.

Les Ateliers Claus is op zoek naar vrijwilligers, zowel voor de grand re-opening op 28 september in de Crickxstraat als voor volgend seizoen. We zijn op zoek naar mensen die willen flyeren, schrijven, serveren, koken, ...

Les Ateliers Claus cherche des bénévoles pour le grand re-opening de la rue crickx le 28 septembre, mais aussi pour la saison prochaine. On cherche des gens pour distribuer les flyers, écrire, servir, cuisiner, ...

Les Ateliers Claus is looking for volunteers, for the grand re-opening of the crickxstraat on september the 28 as well for next season. We are looking for people to distribute flyers, write, serving, cooking, ...

Ghedalia Tazartes at Les Ateliers Claus on October 31st



Nate Wooley, Chris Corsano, Hugo Antunes, Giovanni Di Domenico & Daniele Martini - Posh Scorch…


Peter Brötzmann & Steve Noble
I am here where are you
for sale at Instant Jazz

Thanks to all for making this a night to remember. Great sets, lots of happy faces and excellent vibes. Kwadratuur wrote an extensive review of the night. It is written in dutch, find it here:…

For pictures go here.

Now we're giving our ears some rest, but we'll be back january 17th. Pete Swanson.

Welcome to our new site! It still has the same design, but has some added functionality. From now on, you're able to buy tickets directly through us. It is possible things still are a bit shakey. If you encounter problems, please send an e-mail to - if you could report dead links (and where you found them), that would be most kind too.

See you thursday / saturday / sunday !

Jerusalem in My Heart signé sur le label Constelation (Do Make Say Think, Ought, Tindersticks...), tout droit venu de Montréal, est la rencontre entre la musique et le chant hypnotique de Radwan Moumneh co-fondateur du studio Hotel2Tango (Arcade Fire, Suuns, Stuart A. Staples, Colin Stetson, Godspeed You Black Emperror...) et les projections 16mm de Charles-André Coderre membre du labo Double Négatif. Le voyage proposé promet d'être renversant.

He used to be known as one of the best finger-picking guitarists in the whole of York. Not New York, with its Rockefeller Center and Ghostbusters fire station. The City of York, England, with its uniformly short buildings and weekly Rick Witter 'Disco Down' DJ sets. Still, it's an accolade that doesn't come lightly and back in the day Mark Wynn found moderate success playing with the band Hijak Oscar, who supported the likes of Alabama 3 and appeared on Channel 4's Mobile Act Unsigned.

At some point, Wynn is believed to have experienced some kind of epiphany, although certain folk describe it more in terms of a breakdown. Apparently deciding that there was a dubious, unavoidable insincerity to English white boys playing trad-blues "baby, baby" swamp-rock stuff, Wynn reinvented himself as a "word noise blah" artist: a deliberately ramshackle songwriter and performance artist who drawls outsider poetry in a Yorkshire accent over crude guitar riffs, evoking the likes of John Cooper Clarke, Mark E. Smith, Wreckless Eric and maybe even Alex Turner when he still had to travel by public transport, observing real things. The self-sabotaging behaviour of eccentrics like Frank Sidebottom and Daniel Johnston also come to mind. As well as showcasing his own compositions, Wynn's live sets would see him play a mainstream artist's CD over the PA while screaming the words "THIS IS A COVER" over the top. Sometimes he'd get naked and roll on the floor. When he caught the attention of the NME's beady eyes, being listed in their "Ones To Watch In 2015", Wynn reacted by promptly announcing his retirement from music and moving to Scotland. (He has since been coaxed into a handful of gigs as well as this compilation of "singles" which aren't actually singles but tracks lifted from various self-releases).

Wynn probably doesn't appreciate any of the above comparisons any more than Sleaford Mods enjoy being likened incessantly to The Fall, although incidentally one of Wynn's choruses does go, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, rip off The Fall, rip off The Fall" and Sleaford Mods are loyal champions of Wynn. They've had him support them a bunch of times and Jason Williamson has said this of Wynn: "The same grey fucking cloud that followed me now hangs above him. He's got it!" Wynn, however, channels his disaffected anger in a more sardonically baffled manner than the more outright, furious ire of Williamson.

  • Mark Wynn