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Olimpia Splendid is coming to play les ateliers claus , November 10th

Tony Conrad DreaMinimalist (2008) Shot on 16mm, 27min, color

With Tony Conrad, Lara Doyle, Joe Gibbons, Tony Oursler, Sebastien S D Santamaria.

Camera, Editing, mixing: Marie Losier

Music and Songs by Tony Conrad

This is a dream portrait of Tony Conrad, the experimental filmmaker, musician/composer, sound artist, teacher and writer. Violin player Tony Conrad was one of the pioneers of New York minimalismand worked in 1962 on Lamonte Young's "Dream Music" project with the likes of John Cale, Angus MacLise (both future Velvet Underground).  Tony lived and worked with Jack Smith for many years and made the music for his famous film Flaming Creature. 
In this portrait of Tony Conrad, we discover Tony playing in his studio with costumes and wigs, practicing his violin in his home town-Buffalo, cooking pickled films, performing at Tonics and The Whitney Biennial in NYC, recalling his first hand puppet performances with his mother, his first meeting with Jack Smith and his involvement with Flaming Creature...2 years of footage and stories and laughters to share.
Slap the Gondola (2010) Shot on 16mm, 15min, color, screened on video.

With Tony Conrad, Genesis P-Orridge and April March
Musical with music, musicians, muses and fishes. On a giant ferry, two mermaids play violins to lure the fishwhen suddenly a giant fish lands on board, joined by thirty dancers and a great singer April March. A fish fight musical ensues. 

Papal Broken Dance (2009) Shot on super 8 & 16mm, 6 min, color

Music video Papal Breakdance by PTV3-Genesis P-Orridge

With Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and many friends.
A campy music video in the style of a scopitone from the early 1960s, with the wonderful cast of 10 boys in sexy red singlets and girls in red tutus, all dancing with joy with Genesis P-Orridge in a boxing ring…all the ingredients for a slap stick boxing match in music.
Alan Vega, just a million dreams (2014) Shot on 16mm, 16 min, color
With Liz Lamere, Alan Vega et Dante Vega.
Produced by Marie Losier and Tamara Films
This intimate portrait depicts the moving and rebellious soul of groundbreaking visual artist and pioneer of minimalist electronic rock, Alan Vega, vocalist and composer for 1970s and 80s punk/post punk duo Suicide. Alan plays with the camera while loving, fighting and living with his family—Liz Lamere, his wife and collaborator, and their prodigal son Dante, young replica of Alan. Traces of joy, eccentricity, illumination, the rock-n-roll Alan Vega is still very alive, funny and rebellious!
Peaches and Jesper are on a boat, who stays afloat? (2013) Shot on Video, 5 min, color
With Peaches and Jesper Just.
Venice biennial, gondolas, unhappy couples, too much art. Peaches screaming an Italian opera to her sweet uninterested companion while strange poeple appear with black beards..who stays afloat?
Microphone Experience (February 2017) Shot on 16mm, 6 min, color
A short documentation about Felix Kubin recording experiments with microphones in Slatinka, a small place in mid Slovakia, for his radio play Phantomspeisung (phantom power) that will premiere on the 15th of September 2017 on Bayerischer Rundfunk in Germany.
This Hörspiel (radio play) is only about the microphone itself. Felix Kubin have used it as an instrument, as a guard on the border of airwaves and electromagnetic waves (a bit like the guard of life/death), an archiving device, a transmitter.
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Les Ateliers Claus is op zoek naar medewerkers voor volgend seizoen. We zijn op zoek naar mensen die willen flyeren, schrijven, serveren, koken, filmen ...

Les Ateliers Claus cherche des confrères pour la saison prochaine. On cherche des gens pour distribuer les flyers, écrire, servir, cuisiner, filmer…

Les Ateliers Claus is looking for collaborators for this next season. We are looking for people to distribute flyers, write, serving, cooking, filming ...

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Dominique Lawalrée (b. 1954) is a composer born and based i n Brussels. First Meeting is Lawalrée's first archival release to date. Culled from four different albums originally self-published on his private label Editions Walrus, circa 1978-1982, this compilation highlights the composer's unique sense of ambient and minimal composition. Originally considered for release on Brian Eno's Obscure Records, Lawalrée's music is now no longer hidden.

In this collection the listener finds the sounds of piano, synthesizers, percussion, wurlitzer, organ, and voice, all performed by Lawalrée. Using these tools Dominique creates miniature themes that gallop across the speakers in slow motion, stretching our normal sense of dynamics and color, effortlessly widening the stereo plane. On “Musique Satieerique,” Dominique pays homage to the influence of Satie with simple repeated piano figures and a lush field of organs and flutes. And on other selections, like “Le Maison Des 5 Elements,” he takes a more wistful, ambient approach, layering keyboard lines, and invoking found/tape sounds to create a hypnogogic world of his own. Childlike in its playfulness and surreal to the bone, the music spins like a carrousel placed inside the Rothko Chapel. Lawalrée’s sense of timbre, tone, and overarching composition is like an impression of a home movie whose charm lies in its knowledge of intimacy, shared by few. An incantation of innocence.

"a quiet, understated music that is both touching and elegant" - Gavin Bryars 

Lee Ranaldo will be playing a intimate set at les ateliers claus on October 6th. 

Only 120 tickets available. 

  • Lee Ranaldo

I was deeply saddened to hear that a dear friend of mine named Peter Principle (Dachert) passed away today. Peter was a truly remarkable person, a brilliant musician, and an inspiring intelligence.

Ever since my teens, I had seen him play bass in the amazing band Tuxedomoon, and admired his unique style. I was also quite enamored of his solo albums "Sedimental Journey" and "Tone Poems" – both beautiful examples of 1980s style magnetic-tape music. Over the years I met a few of the other guys in the band (StevenBlaineMichael, Winston Tong, the recently departed Bruce Geduldig), and when I asked my good pal, the graphic designer Patrick Roques about him, he described Peter as "a walking Amok Press catalog"…

In 1990, I arranged to meet Peter for an interview which ended up being published in the first issue of my magazine Proof. We hit it off right away, and as it turned out, this first meeting would dramatically change the course of my life forever. Aside from being generally impressed with this tall, dignified, stentorian and highly articulate entity, during the course of this first conversation I was introduced to numerous things that would deeply influence my thinking, including Anthroposophy and a particularly profound Alchemical/Rosicrucian worldview. Those who know me well understand how significant all this is for me. Well, it was largely Peter's influence that set me on that path!

Over the years, we became pretty close and spent a lot of time together. He did the final mix of some recordings by my band Mercurians (some of which were released on a 45), and I was instrumental in arranging Tuxedomoon's last US appearance over a decade ago. In addition to being a warm and generous friend, he continued to introduce me to tons of amazing music, film, and esoteric knowledge; to say he was an influence seems a dramatic understatement. Getting to know Peter was absolutely revolutionary for my mind, and I was always proud and excited to introduce him to various friends of mine. Pretty much anyone who met him was equally astounded and transformed by him.

It must be noted that he had quite a temper and would occasionally explode about something seemingly small, like a book borrowed and not returned in a timely manner. Once during a heated phone call I told him to "stop yelling at me" and he immediately softened, gently explaining "well, if I don't yell it seems like nobody ever listens." He occasionally complained of people treating him poorly, condescending to him, insulting him and downright ripping him off. He was not shy about naming names, and many of his alleged detractors were people well-established in the avant garde music world. I sometimes wonder if he didn't imagine some of these slights, though I really have no way of knowing. Mostly, I found it hard to imagine anyone not liking him! It definitely conveyed a certain sense of loneliness and shyness, which I don't think most people who met him were aware of, as well as a generally well concealed class-conscious insecurity. He described his upbringing to me as quite rough and tumble and would joke about being "just a yobbo from Queens," although I gather his household prided itself as "enlightened proletariat." I suspect his bold demeanor and choleric temperament may have been offputting to some. In many ways he was a classic Sagittarian and definitely rode a pretty high horse! In any case, I felt honored that he was comfortable enough around me to reveal this vulnerable side of his complex personality.

The last time I saw him, he stormed up to me and griped about being "almost dead!" It was indeed quite offputting, but I do believe he was having a hard time financially and emotionally during his last few years in New York City. He had a wonderful girlfriend at the time and I gather they moved off to Kentucky or Tennessee or somewhere flabbergasting like that for several years … His landline was disconnected and we lost touch, and I regret not making more effort to reach out to him during these last few years. I had been hoping to arrange for Tuxedomoon to come back and play the United States again, and I just figured we'd be reunited some sunny day and pick up where we left off with some more wonderful conversations. Now it looks like I'll have to wait until some future incarnation!

Blessings on all your future endeavors, friend of ages.


Neil Martinson


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Tonight we will play only music of yesterdays passed away drummer, bass & guitar player Peter Principle. (Tuxedomoon). There will be also an interview with him that I have done on 2014-09-21 at Het Depot in Leuven (Belgium)…

Tuxedomoon's bassist and co-composer, Peter Principle Dachert, 63, has died. He was found in his room at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, where Tuxedomoon has been preparing a new tour and new music. He was the apparent victim of a heart attack or stroke.

We are all stunned. Words will come later.

  • Peter Principle

coming to les ateliers claus on November 17th

photo by Laurent Orseau 

  • Elko Blijweert

Diana Selfish recorded some tracks at les ateliers claus. 

  • Diana Selfish

glad to be part of this super festival coming up early September in Eupen Belgium

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"Back at the start of the year, with the cold nights and dark mornings closing in Moon Duo, fittingly, released the first of two parts to their latest album.

The Portland duo – guitarist Ripley Johnson and keyboardist Sanae Yamada – deliberately went with the dark stuff first, as our writer David Zammitt commented at the time in his review of ‘Occult Architecture Vol. 1’.

Now, it’s time for instalment II. The band have said that the two volumes of this new release can be enjoyed separately or together, but they are designed to sit side by side. ‘Occult Architecture Vol. 2’ is most definitely a lighter offering, as Ripley explains:

“In production we referred to Vol. 1 as the fuzz dungeon, and Vol. 2 as the crystal palace. The darkness of Vol. 1 gave birth to the light of Vol. 2. We had to have both elements in order to complete the cycle.”"


in concert at les ateliers claus on the 20th of June

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