Joeri Bruyninckx

Caroline Profanter interview

Caroline Profanter - Drift away to the point where you have no more expectations, with Joeri Bruyninckx 

Caroline Profanter's 'Geistermusig' album is an un-edited quadophonic live recording which mixes field recordings, drone passages and a no-input mixer.  

What kind of record did you want to make with 'Geistermusig'? 

PEGA is a no wave post punk band from Brussels. They just released their first EP called Ficus Focus.

Where, when and why did you start PEGA ?

Leslie Gutierrez: Where? Brussels, in our room/basement/attic, wherever we could do music freely, with whatever instruments we had at the time. It was not meant to be a live group nor did we specifically want to write songs in the beginning, but after jamming together for a while, with a variable amount of friends joining each time, the 3 of us remained. And after some more jamming, the 3 of us decided to write songs in order to not get bored and to get a new challenge. The 3 of us started “PEGA” in 2017.

Vortex Campaign interview (in Dutch)

Vortex Campaign
Een breekbaar zoeken

Het Brugse Vortex Campaign is legendarisch: ze werkten samen met The New Blockaders en Coil en kunnen Aaron Dilloway en Dennis Tyfus onder hun fans rekenen. Zelf omschrijven ze hun muziek als 'organised sound' onder invloed van Tod Dockstader en NON. Op 20 oktober spelen ze in AB, samen met Sissy Spacek en Sleaford Mods.