Bohman Brothers

Secluded Bronte (uk)


Secluded Bronte are Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman and Richard Thomas. Their music is heterogenous, so it defies easy categorisation. And in a sense their remit is to defy categorisation, to refute genre. 


Formed in London and launched in New York City, the Anglo-Welsh trio have been together for 20 years. Since that time in 2002, they have continued to plough an idiosyncratic furrow into the heart of what one might call art-music. 


Rock 'n' Roll, bric-a-brac, bull frogs, hardcore abstract noise, musique concrète, the sound of rowing boats, references to cinema and television, comedy, poetry, songs, sketches and theatre co-exist equally. They are not so much a section in a record shop but the record shop itself. 


Secluded Bronte seldom improvise, yet their scores are open enough to permit surprise. Predominantly, they take a conceptual approach to music. For example, their hörspiel Dark August Variations, commissioned by Dr Klangendum, weaved Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, a straight-to-video American horror movie, The Mabinogion (a collection of Welsh mythological stories) and their own audio travelogues and vignettes into an elliptical tapestry. 


There is also an element of Secluded Bronte's sound which can be best described as a forensic exploration of the material physics of everyday objects; the sonority of plastic, the timbres of wood and metal, the sounds of electromagnetic objects. The sounds produced are placed on an equal footing with more conventional instrumentation; harmonica, piano, percussion, guitar, bass, violin, brass, woodwind. 


Forthcoming is their most ambitious project to date, an as yet untitled feature length experimental 

documentary film that explores the web of connections between minor planets, 20th century warfare and the development of optical sound film.