Camille Emaille & Nina Garcia + Farida Amadou & Floris Vanhoof

Camille Emaille & Nina Garcia (fr) + Farida Amadou & Floris Vanhoof (b)

2 duo's >><< Camille Emaille & Nina Garcia (fr) + Farida Amadou & Floris Vanhoof (b)

doors: 20h / Farida Amadou & Floris Vanhoof 20:30 / Nina Garcia & Camille Emaille 21:30


Camille Emaille is a French percussionist born in 1993 in Nice. She studied at the Musik-Akademie of Basel (Switzerland) with Christian Dierstein on contemporary music and with Fred Frith on free improvisation where she got a Bachelor Degree in percussion with Excellence in 2018. In 2016 she was a guest scholar at Mills College and studied there with William Winant, Fred Frith and Roscoe Mitchell. In 2017 she released her first solo album on the portugese label Creatives Sources Recordings. She considers music a part of everything, part of everyday life. That’s why she began to improvise, to feel music more as a flux, as something which is already here, something that we (the musician and the audience) just jump into… She works with many artists from varying fields, such as video, muppet theatre, shadow theater with the show Fontanalbe and plays in the musical projects Oxke Fixu (duo with clarinet),  Ghoast (duo with american saxophonist Tom Weeks), ESCARGOT (her quintet with Timothée Quost on trumpet, Xavière Fertin on clarinet, Louis Frères on e-bass and Tom Malmendier on drums). She used to organize and play in « wild » events, happenings that took place in unusual locations such as closed tunnels, abandoned hospitals, highway bridges, old synagogues (festival Myosotis); events where people go without any knowledge of what will transpire… 

Nina Garcia her setup is very minimal: one guitar, one pedal and an amp. Everything is focused on the gesture and the sound research of the instrument: it’s resonances, limits, expansions, impurities, all the audible parts of the guitar. You’ll probably find: feedback, crackling, short circuits, impacts, harmonics, grindings noises, overflowing, notes and an almost perfect chord.
Her setup might sound classical nowadays, however Nina Garcia makes it sound unheard of. Her first LP was released in October 2018 on No Lagos Musique and Doubtful Sounds. She also plays in the band Mamiedaragon, in duet with trombonist Maria Bertel (Selvhenter, Ymers Pizza) and with drummer Augustin Bette.


Farida Amadou is one of the most innovative bass players of our era, constructing a uniquely percussive style that employs noise bursts and drones in baffling, unheard of ways. A frequent resident of Cafe OTO – London’s bastion for like-minded experimentalists – she crossed paths with names like Steve Noble and Thurston Moore. Floris Vanhoof might be considered by some as a necromancer of sound and visual art, using old techniques and media to spark wacky innovative ideas. Like an erudite inventor from some bygone era, he builds instruments from scratch that intersperse light, image and sound, repurposing archaic tools to serve his trail- blazing vision. 

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Camille Emaille