Iva Bittova

Iva Bittova (cz)

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 Iva Bittova (cz) in concert 

Iva Bittová was born in 1958 in Bruntál in northern Moravia, Czechoslovakia, located in the present-day Czech Republic.

Bittová was immersed in a musical environment from a young age, highly influenced along with her sisters by their father’s ability to pick up and play almost any instrument in both classical and folk styles. Bittová graduated from the Music Conservatory in Brno with a degree in drama and music, and rekindled an adolescent interest in playing the violin while she was working full time in theater.

In 1982, Bittová initiated her career as an instrumentalist and composer by studying with Professor Rudolf Šťastný, the primarius (first violin) of the Moravian String Quartet. The violin has been her passion and the most inspiring musical instrument in her professional life ever since.

After living in the countryside near Brno for 25 years, Bittová relocated to the United States in 2007, settling in upstate New York with her youngest son. She studied at the Academy of Ancient Music/Musicology of Masaryk University in Brno, earning her bachelor’s degree in 2015 and her master’s degree in 2018.

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