Piotr Kurek - Valentina Magaletti

Piotr Kurek (pl) + Valentina Magaletti  (it)

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20:30 doors

21:00 Piotr Kurek

22:00 Valentina Magaletti

les actionaires x les ateliers claus present: 

Piotr Kurek is a Warsaw based musician known from his numerous aliases, albums released for Mondoj, Hands In The Dark, Digitalis, Crónica, Sangloplasmo, Dunno, collaborations (most notably with Sylvia Monnier as Suaves Figures, Hubert Zemler as Piętnastka and Francesco de Gallo as ABRADA) and rather peculiar DJ-sets (as one of the founders of Smutaż parties in Warsaw).  His latest album World Speaks for Edições CN (releasing in February 2022) is an album of illusory sensations. Overlapping voices, droning organs and reed solos inspired by imagined landscapes combine to entrancing effect. Whereas previously his work was described as “modern, cubic and art brut”, here it takes a more mystical, sacred turn. Inspired by found photographs and romantic landscape paintings, Piotr Kurek composed and arranged these pieces using various vocal sample banks, mimicking the feeling the memories of the images evoked in his mind. Introspective, yet still gently whimsical, it's a wonderful next step in Kurek's creative journey.

Valentina Magaletti is a drummer, percussionist and composer whose goal is to strategically enrich a folkloristic and eclectic palette through endless listening and experimentation with new materials and sounds. She has performed and co-written with many artists including Nicolas Jaar, Jandek, Helm, Raime,Moin, HOly Tongue,Czn Malcom Catto, Charles Hayward, Graham Lewis (Wire, Dome), Tightpaul Sandra (Coil, Spiritualized, Julian Cope), Thurston Moore, Bat for Lashes, Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), and many more. In her current project, Vanishing Twin she has a more conventional jazz approach that finds its escape in the drone/field recordings of the percussive narrative in other  experimental/avant-garde productions. Valentina was born in Bari, Italy, and lives in London.


les actionaires x les ateliers claus presenteren:

Piotr Kurek is een in Warschau wonende muzikant die bekend staat om zijn talrijke aliassen, albums uitgebracht voor Mondoj, Hands In The Dark, Digitalis, Crónica, Sangloplasmo, Dunno, samenwerkingen (met name met Sylvia Monnier als Suaves Figures, Hubert Zemler als Piętnastka en Francesco de Gallo als ABRADA) en nogal eigenaardige DJ-sets (als een van de oprichters van Smutaż-feesten in Warschau).

Valentina Magaletti is een drummer, percussionist en componist wiens doel het is om een ​​folkloristisch en eclectisch palet strategisch te verrijken door eindeloos te luisteren en te experimenteren met nieuwe materialen en geluiden. Ze trad op en schreef mee met vele artiesten, waaronder Nicolas Jaar, Jandek, Helm, Raime, Moin, HOly Tongue, Czn Malcom Catto, Charles Hayward, Graham Lewis (Wire, Dome), Tightpaul Sandra (Coil, Spiritualized, Julian Cope) , Thurston Moore, Bat for Lashes, Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) en nog veel meer. In haar huidige project, Vanishing Twin, heeft ze een meer conventionele jazzbenadering die haar ontsnapping vindt in de drone/field-opnames van het percussieve verhaal in andere experimentele/avant-garde producties. Valentina is geboren in Bari, Italië, en woont in Londen.

our venue is accessible for wheelchairs / onze concertzaal is toegankelijk voor rolstoelen 

we speak English - Nederlands - Français

Valentina Magaletti