Tanz Mein Herz + Pega

Tanz Mein Herz (fr) + Pega (pt/b)

Tanz Mein Herz (fr) + Pega (pt/b)

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Since their debut LP, Territory, issued by Standard In-Fi back in 2015, the French ensemble, Tanz Mein Herz, has delivered a handful of mind bending recordings that position them - alongside contemporaries like 75 Dollar BillNatural Information SocietyAl Doum & The FarydsPancrace, and others - at the forefront of a transnational movement of artists, embracing cultural hybridity and collective interplay in order to create new, trance inducing forms of sonority. What sets Tanz Mein Herz slightly apart, is the deep well of French folk traditions from which the ensemble draws, elegantly distilled and reformed into a vibrantly contemporary and experimental body of sound. 

Quattro is Tanz Mein Herz’s fourth full length LP and encounters their line up at its most expanded to date, including the contributions of Guilhem LacrouxAlexis DegrenierMathieu TillyPierre BujeauPierre-Vincent FortunierErnest Bergez, and Jeremie Sauvage. Capturing the band playing a vast range of acoustic instruments at Gamounet during 2016, the album traces through passages of deep, immersive long tones and drone, repetitive jams that nod toward Tony Conrad’s iconic collaborations with Faust and Terry Riley’s 1970s outings with John Cale, heavy stoner jams, and full-on atonal experimentalism, working as seamlessly in its discrete passages as it does as a collective whole. 

If there were any doubts before, Quattro easily positions Tanz Mein Herz as one of the most exciting bands working today. A truly stunning body of work that’s impossible to get off the turntable once the needle drop. Issued by Standard In-Fi in a limited, double LP edition of 444 copies in a silkscreened sleeve and stamped labels, this one isn’t going to sit around for long. Grab it while you can and play it loud!



Humble projet de grenier, de sous-sol, puis de chambre, Pega: Aude (basse, voix), Bárbara (guitare, voix) et Leslie (batterie). Leur musique aux allures DIY est en réalité très travaillée, énergique et d’une efficacité remarquable. Rendez-vous en 2021 pour découvrir le nouvel EP, mais avant ça, c’est dans nos salles que vous pourrez écouter leur ingénieux post-punk. 

avec le soutien de la commune de Saint-Gilles

Tanz Mein Herz