Zorro Strikes again day 1

Aymeric de Tapol (fr) + dj f16 falcon (fr) + Hiele (b) + dj marouchka 


20.08.2021 LAVALLÉ 18.00 - 22:00 / 9€
Aymeric de Tapol (live)
DJ F16 Falcon (live)
Hiele (live)
Marouchka Payen (dj)

FOOD by le realism
18:00  DOORS 
19:00  Aymeric de Tapol 
20:00  Hiele 
21:00  F16 Falcon 
+ dj Marouchka

■ DJ F16 FALCON (Asso. Fatale) ■ 
Brace! Brace! That record is a bouncing riddim, and we never know where it's gonna land: here noise or miami bass, there dark disco and then Balearic. What could be an easy puzzle for diggers always feels true though. Sincere, like the 14-year-old DJ F16 Falcon, going nuts on some American nu hardcore - the back of the record are actual screenshots testifying of that moment. A life ago, DJ F16 Falcon used to be a part of the noise music scene in Paris, releasing music under the Roger mpr moniker. He dropped the complicated stuff for dance music but kept the industrial touch. We all need some dance. And we all need a Sugar Dada. LISTEN HERE

■ AYMERIC DE TAPOL (Vlek, Knotwilg) ■
Aymeric de Tapol oscille entre électroacoustique et drone. Dans ses compositions, on devine la capture d’un environnement. Ses bandes sonores rendent compte d’un paysage mental, dont on perçoit à la fois la matière dense, l’hyper précision des sons, un travail d’orfèvre étiré sur de longues plages hypnotiques. LISTEN HERE

■ HIELE (Ultra Eczema) ■
The Antwerp based musicien released three albums in 2020, all made up of material accrued over a five year period at Stockholm’s EMS and his own home recording space De Ziltige Olijf. This featured track “Brain”, with visuals by Gerard Herman, is taken from Hiele's latest album Sings, released on Dennis Tyfus’s label Ultra Eczema in December 2020.LISTEN HERE

DJ's are: Charlotte Atomi (Tigersushi) and Marouchka (Kiosk, Lyl radio)

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organisation by les Actionnaires x les ateliers claus 




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