David Grubbs interview

David Grubbs is a composer, musician, and author who has performed and recorded music in a multitude of settings throughout his career. Notably, he was a founding member of Squirrel Bait, Bastro, and Gastr del Sol, and was also a member of Red Krayola. He’s released numerous collaborative albums with artists including Mats Gustafsson, Taku Unami, and Loren Connors.

Grubbs has released three books published by Duke University Press, including Records Ruin the Landscape, a meditation on experimental music, their practitioners during the ’60s, and the recorded medium. He also has published two book-length poems titled Now that the audience has assembled and The Voice in the Headphones, which detail a live performance and studio recording session, respectively. His upcoming book, Good night the pleasure was ours, will be released in spring 2022.

His most recent albums include a live recording with guitarist Ryler Walker called Fight or Flight Simulator and a new album titled Instant Opaque Evening with Gustafsson and Mazurek in their group The Underflow. He also has a new collaborative album with poet Susan Howe out in September via Blue Chopsticks. Joshua Minsoo Kim talked with Grubbs via phone on October 13th, 2020 to discuss his latest ventures, his time with Red Krayola, and the various collaborators he’s had throughout the years. Additional questions were asked via email in May 2021.




david grubbs