???? a lecture with Ben Bertrand & Otto Lindholm (be) - 9pm

Bonjour Ben et Otto ! ???? You both performed at schiev these past years and in 2020, you’ll perform together. How did that collaboration take form ?

Bonjour Schiev!
We have known each other for a long time now. We met almost 8 years ago taking part of multidisciplinary performances in Brussels. We kept playing and talking since then, exchanging musical and artistic ideas. The duo really popped up 2 years ago when we worked on a personal reinterpretation of Gavin Bryars’s The Sinking of the Titanic, that we had the chance to premiere at les Ateliers Claus. Cafe Oto in London proposed us last summer to release some music on their brand new in house label TARUDOKU. Ben wrote REVERSION, a 3 tracks ep that we arranged and produced together, recording it at studio les ateliers claus. (REVERSION by Ben bertrand & Otto Lindholm – TR066).

You have a similar musical technique – mixing electronic devices with instruments – how are you working together for this performance ?

Let’s say “complementary” more than similar. But indeed, both of us use extended machines or effects to alter the natural sound of our instruments. Live we splitted the roles, each one focusing on one aspect of the music : Otto deals with low soundscapes and drones while Ben focuses on the melodic/harmonic aspects. It allows us to dig deeper on each texture and simultaneously interact. The actual show is a combination of our last ep Reversion and our rework of the bryars’ titanic. In a way, this deep melodic drone music helps us to reach a kind of meditative aspect that facilitates us to face what is currently happening around us.