Moog Modular Historian Thom Holmes Explores Early “Live” Moog Modular Artists (1965-1970)

We stray from Moog recordings for this edition of the blog to document some of the early pioneers of live Moog Modular performance.

While digging through many of the clippings, news blurbs, and press releases associated with Bob Moog and his synthesizer, I sometimes find stories about the use of the early Moog Modular in concert. I’ve been gathering these cases for a long time and offer them here for the Moog record. Most of these instances fall into the time period 1965-1970. They capture the use of the Moog Modular at its creative summit, prior to the widespread availability of the Minimoog.

The idea that the Moog Modular synthesizer could be used in a live performance is somewhat contrary to what people believe today. Yes, it was a complicated instrument and it sometimes behaved unpredictably, especially in its tuning. But the Moog Modular was also viewed as a remarkable combination of many audio devices with enormous potential. The available variations in patching and playing were essentially infinite.

Without further delay, I give you a partial record of early Moog Modular live performances, organized chronologically. By no means do I consider this record to be complete—additional listings and suggestions are welcomed.


August 28, 1965 – A live concert was produced at the R.A. Moog Company’s small factory, the culmination of a workshop of composers and musicians. This small event was attended by participants, family, friends, and Moog employees. The program reproduced here is from this extensive Bob Moog Foundation blog documenting this event: