O YAMA O: Accidental Rituals

The duo of Rie Nakajima and Keiko Yamamoto share some links to their favourite books, comics, music and dance

On 7 October at London’s Somerset House, the O YAMA O duo will present a performance-cum-talk which explores their distinctive approach to collaboration, performance, sound and music making.

The event is part of The Wire’s Music By Any Means series, and in advance of it Rie Nakajima and Keiko Yamamoto have produced a reading, viewing and listening list which reveals some of the historical sources that underpin and inform their “unspoken, or accidental rituals”.

• Marcel Broodthaers: Interview With A Cat

• GeGeGe No Kitaro, manga created by Shigeru Mizuki, and the TV series music

• Mizuki Shigeru Den, autobiographical comics by Shigeru Mizuki

• Red Flowers by Yoshihatsu Tsuge

• Sennen Mannen by Michio Mado

• Gozo Yoshimasua performance with Kukangendai 

• Hayao Kawai: The Japanese Psyche: Major Motifs In The Fairy Tales Of Japan (Mukashibanashi to Nihonjin no kokoro), translated by Sachiko Reece

• CG Jung, Mandala Symbolism

• Genpei AkasegawaHyperart: Thomasson

• Genpei Akasegawa: Senryikyu, Untold Avenge

• Genpei Akasegawa as Katsuhiko Otsuji: Hadazawari (SkinTouch)

• Izanami no mikoto and Izanagi, and their children gods eg Hiruko etc, all in Japanese mythology

• Bon Odori

• Menburyu Dance, the traditional harvest dance for the nature gods in Saga prefecture.

• Derek Bailey & Min Tanaka: Mountain Stage, a performance in Hakushu

• Harue Momoyama: Hikiyomigusa 

• Roberto de Simone & Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare: La Gatta Cenerentola 

• Roberto de Simone: secondo coro delle lavandaie from La Gatta Cenerentola

• OOIOO: Umo (after "secondo coro delle lavandaie")

• Fairport Convention: Farewell, Farewell

• Pentangle: Willy O Winsbury

• Alice Coltrane: Journey In Satchidananda 

• Long board surfing in Seea Ambassadors 

• Jean Tinguely: "Homage To New York" 1960

• Ravel's Bolero conducted by Sergiu Celibidache 

• The Staverton Bridge: Jacky My Son

• Akio SuzukiNa-Gi 1997

• Akio Suzuki: Conceptual Sound Work 2020

• Rolf Julius1988 performance

• Toshiyuki Tsuchitori x Masayuki Nichie, interviews