Patch Notes: Nik Void

A solo modular set from Carter Tutti Void and Factory Floor’s Nik Void.

For the first of a series of Patch Notes episodes filmed behind closed doors by Fact at 180 The Strand, we invited Nik Void of Factory Floor to perform a solo modular live set with visuals by Nika Milano.

Void had been preparing this set for several months prior to the performance, as it was meant to be the first live outing for some new tracks. “I had just returned from Mexico City just before lockdown had hit and was about to go to Berlin to perform at the Editions Mego 10-year anniversary,” she tells Fact. “So it’s great to have the chance to play a section of it here.”

The set offers a preview of her debut solo album, which is yet to be formally announced. “Two of the tracks I have performed versions of, ‘Demna’ and ‘Interruption Is Good’ – bridged together with improvisations, this is a close representation,” she says. “I wanted to make an album that has a balance of keeping it authentically experimental and interesting but also making it communicative to all kinds of listener.”

“The experiences I have had with bands and collaborations have influenced my need to organise – bring in some structures and builds that I feel work well. The difference here is the raw emphasis for this album is dedicated to the process. The idea is my identity is present in the action rather than me presenting the action.”

In the performance, Void uses part of the modular setup she uses for live performance, a rig she’s been building for four years. “It’s sectionally organised, top right is my percussion, top left are my samplers and loopers, bottom left are my trigger, sequencer, MIDI and clock section, then there’s my main synth voice, Intellijel Dual Oscillator and so on.

“I’ve reintroduced Ableton sending me sequences for live but other than that, this is the core of my studio setup. At home in my studio, I have many outboard units like the Eventide H8000FW and Empirical Lab distressors, compressors, Delta Lab and many other racks, modules to push and process my sounds more.”


Nik Void