Alex Pelly is a Canadian filmmaker and video artist based in Los Angeles.

She has worked as a director, editor and motion designer, and has extensive experience in music and branded content, working with companies such as Spotify, BuzzFeed, Super Deluxe and Fullscreen.

As a video artist, Pelly’s work incorporates multiple generations of video technology, both analog and digital. Frequently collaborative with musical accompaniment, her work serves as a reflection of and muse to the music simultaneously. She has designed tour visuals for legendary drag queen Trixie Mattel in 2020, noise duo Telecaves from 2014-2019 and synth pop band ESP from 2011-2013. She is resident visualist for music series, Perpetual Dawn and Perpetual Dune and designed projections and TV installations for industrial dance club Das Bunker from 2017-present.

After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2008, she found her beginnings within the creative community surrounding internet radio station DUBLAB. She continues to perform live video art for their events in addition to hosting a monthly live-streamed audiovisual show called PELLYVISION.