The Sound Comes From Everywhere: A Conversation With Beatriz Ferreyra

It’s honestly difficult to know where to begin with Beatriz Ferreyra, an electroacoustic composer who has always walked a unique path. From her earliest days at Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) beginning in 1963 through her recent works for Room 40, Ferreyra’s ear for sound and ability to craft expansive ideas, often from a singular aural source, is unmatched. Through her early work and studies at GRM with Piere Schaeffer, Bernard Parmegiani, and others, Ferreyra developed her own compositional style that has shifted and evolved over the subsequent decades while still remaining uniquely her own.

Her newest collection, Canto+, is available now from Room 40, her second such release on the label. Our conversation went in directions I did not expect, but that’s second nature for Ferreyra. She simply uses her curiosity and intuition as a guide and follows the path it lays out before her. To hear her talk about sound and listening, truly hearing is a gift. 

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Beatriz Ferreyra