Is a Belgian based group, had a skeletal line up of 2 drummers, (João Lobo and Mathieu Calleja), and 2 keyboards/synths/ fender rhodes + plenty of electronics (Giovanni Di Domenico and Pak Yan Lau).
The sound that they come up with could be loosely post-rock, but also closely allied to improvised, experimental and minimal music.

Their universe is all about trance, where time is being stretched and transformed in different ways. Electronic sounds weaves textures, while polyrhythmic cells are being laid down, sometimes hard to distinguish who is doing what.
Their music can be described as one big trip, a voyage into today’s urban stellar system.

Due to the leave of one of the members (Mathieu Calleja), Going is researching in this residency for possible new musical directions and guests or/and members. Going invites Manuel Mota, Gaspard Sicx and Giotis Damianidis for some experimentations during this week.



A collaboration between New Yorker Luke Calzonetti (Run Dust, Sugarstick & Xerox, Childabuse) and Limburgian Stijn Wybouw (KRAMP, Kraak records) of transcendental improv overtones. Undulating layers of synth lashings, cymbal echoes, and some laid-back guitar action mesh in a spaced out trip in the physical and astral plane.
A filmic hitchhike to nowhere. Their first LP just came out your way via the great Meakusma avenue.


12 €


At the year's half-way mark, all of tQ's editorial staff, core writers and columnists have voted for their essential 2022 albums so far, released between January and June.


This chart was compiled by John Doran and built by Patrick Clarke and Christian Eede. Ballots were taken from Robert Barry, Bernie Brooks, Jaša Bužinel, Patrick Clarke, John Doran, Christian Eede, Richard Foster, Noel Gardner, Sean Kitching, Ella Kemp, Jakub Knera, Anthea Leyland, Jennifer Lucy Allan, Peter Margasak, David McKenna, Mariam Rezaei, Alex Rigotti, Luke Turner, Kez Whelan and Daryl Worthington.

'Itchy Bastards' illustration by Lisa Cradduck

  • 'Itchy Bastards' illustration by Lisa Cradduck

Pics G. Coppens

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When: 29/10/22 - 12:00 till 22:30 at Roskot Aalst

Event hosted by Les Ateliers Claus

Where: not sure how to get here? enter this in your browser: -> N405 28, 9320 Aalst, België.

Tickets: https://my.weezevent.com/acqua-salata-2

Get your tickets because there will be no sales on site. 
there is a maximum capacity. (but you knew that ^^)

Better arrive around 11:00, we will start on time (12:00)



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Images from ©Laurent Orseau and ©Geert Coppens

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  • ©Geert Coppens
  • ©Geert Coppens
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14/10/2022 at 8 PM

Slouch Hat, a brand new label from Brussels founded by David Mennessier, celebrating the label's first two releases.

LEM  - Vanitas - new album

The three musicians wander around in syncopated rhythm to the sound of synthetic arpeggios and a powerful bass that sometimes shakes the walls. The voice rises and echoes in the building, singing about the vanities of the world. And tells funny stories of animals, characters who must not turn around, fierce beings, sound bombs. But it is the groove that animates the whole household, and that draws the three companions and all the visitors into a frenetic dance.


Un lièvre était un très cher baiser - new album

For their fifth album, "Un lièvre était un très cher baiser" Léonore Boulanger & Jean-Daniel Bota with percussionist Laurent Sériès have composed and decomposed a set of fragments of the art brut poetry of Ernst Herbeck from the 19th century. 

14/10/2022 at 8 PM

TICKETS 10€ : https://www.eventbrite.be/e/slouch-hat-night-lem-leonore-boulenger-et-jean-daniel-botta-tickets-431295986907

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It's now less than a month until Supersonic 2022; Noel Gardner, our punk, hardcore & new weird Britain correspondent, rounds up the ten new or newish acts he's most keen about watching


The opportunity to see free improvising bassist Farida Amadou deliver a solo performance is a rare one – at least in the context of her previous decade of musical creation, which has been predominantly a vehicle for collaboration. And some heavyweight heads in that history, too, the Brussels musician sparring live with Linda Sharrock, Ken Vandermark, Thurston Moore and (most recently) Peter Brötzmann – but a renewed focus on generating sound by herself has yielded some sterling results.

00:29:10:02, an hour of one-take performances released on her own 19 Mars label, finds Amadou tuning way down at points, other times getting a tickly, quasi-rhythmic skitter from her four given strings (she is also credited with playing “objects” on this one, and it does sound like there’s a prepared element to parts of what we hear). Rewards concentrated listening, certainly, although in a live context I’d anticipate the frying amp buzz to add some extra whack. Without a concrete notion of what this performance might entail, it’s worth flagging up Amadou’s desire to incorporate blues and hip hop elements into her practice, likewise her (sadly, seemingly) brief tenure in excitable Belgian noise rockers Cocaine Piss a few years back. I don’t imagine her set will much resemble them, but it reflects a willingness and ability to rock out.



Now two decades old, Supersonic Festival is back once again with the cream of international extreme music. Running from 8 to 10 July in Birmingham, the headline acts include The Bug, Jerusalem In My Heart, Föllakzoid, Thou and BIG|BRAVE but as is customary, the focus is also on new, or relatively new talent as well.

More information can be found and tickets bought here.

Full article here 

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