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 Ugne & Maria (b) Bambi OFS (b) Naomie Klaus (fr) Tolouse Low Trax (ger)

 Ugne & Maria (b) Bambi OFS (b) Naomie Klaus (fr) Tolouse Low Trax (ger)

Thank you for supporting and coming to our a 2 day mini-festival. We want to create a fun, inspiring and safe event for you in Brussels. All proceedings are going to the artists. It are special times, so we need to take some special measurements in order to keep it safe and sane for everyone and avoid troubles and fines. Please come with a mask and get comfortable in your bubble. Bring an umbrella in case of showers. You can choose to buy a ticket for 7 euro or 10 euro - every euro goes to the musicians. 

Doors will open at 5pm. The first act is playing at 6pm - last act is playing until 10pm - curfew midnight. 

18:00 Ugne & Maria (b)
19:00 Bambi OFS (b)
20:00 Naomie Klaus (fr)
21:00 Tolouse Low Trax (ger)

Sophie Pelletier, Le Realism, will provide a BBQ - it could make things easier if you want to notify her if you’d like to enjoy her food:

This event is brought to you by  circularium x les ateliers claus x les actionnaires x werkplaats walter