Opening Endless Portals With Ka Baird

Every time Ka Baird puts new music into the world, I know I’ll be surprised. She is unmoved by boundaries and unconcerned by expectations, singularly following a path of her own. I first heard her as part of the inimitable Spires That in the Sunset Rise, but her solo practice has become a magnetic force. In 2021, RVNG Intl. released a collaboration she recorded with the late Pekka Airaksinen that added another layer to her exceptional body of work.

Baird is a multi-instrumentalist that won’t shy away from any sonic medium that can help express her ideas, but it’s her voice and the countless ways she impossibly twists and morphs sound with it that is at the front of my mind. The physicality of her music is infectious and never fails to make me want to move.

This interview was done in late December and early January. Her work can be found on her Bandcamp page.