The Seas Trees See

Electronic artist Dntel has officially announced the release date of his upcoming album, The Seas Trees See. The artist followed the announcement with the release of his single, “Fall In Love”.

Dntel’s upcoming album is his first release in almost three years. In 2018, he surprise-released his album Hate In My Heart. Before the drop of Hate In My Heart, he released five other albums in his musical career: Life Is Full of Possibilities(2001), Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake(2006), Dumn Luck(2007), Aimlessness(2012) and Human Voice(2014).

The new song gives fans a little preview of what to expect from the album. The album is explained as “a free-floating and rather loose stroke of musical genius, giving ambience a whole new meaningful context. It combines crackles and hiss with deep, yet modest, synths and poignant, yet elegant vocals and lyrics.”

The song gives the exact feeling that the artist is trying to convey with the album. It is a liberating and calming track with an immense combination of electric beats and sounds.

Take a listen to the track below: 

The Seas Trees See is the first of the two albums Dntel plans to release this year via Morr Music in collaboration with Les Albums Claus. The album’s counterpart Away, will follow the release of the first sometime later this year.

Check out The Seas Trees See album artwork and tracklist below.

The Seas Trees See track list

  1. The Lilac And The Apple (remix)
  2. The Seas
  3. Whimsy
  4. The Man On The Mountain feat. Pierre Louis Nguyen
  5. Back Home
  6. What I Made
  7. Movie Tears
  8. Fall In Love
  9. Yoga App
  10. After All
  11. Hard Weather