Soundinstallation MODULAR ORGAN SYSTEM



Modular Organ System
The Modular Organ System is a computer-controlled pipe organ based on the techniques
of western church organ builders.

In 2017, Sollmann and Sprenger began developing the first prototype and explore the possibilities of this system ever since. Their interdisciplinary approach combines both composed and improvised music on this semi-installative Aerophone which also reflects the acoustic, architectural and social parameters of each specific site.

Sollmann and Sprenger’s project disconnects the organ from its “home” (the church) and adapts it to any performance location. The individual modules are distributed and then tuned for a given space and create an environment in which the audience can move freely.

In addition to traditional materials such as wood, leather and metal, they are applying unorthodox and unique technologies for example the use of glass, ceramics, various metals and plastics in different shapes. This creates a whole new range of sounds and also adds a sculptural element to the instrument.

For this installation they will present a new collaboration with Visual Artist Nico Ihlein, who developed several pipe-resonators made of ceramics and papermaché.

Phillip Sollmann (*1974)
Phillip Sollmann works as an artist and composer under his real name; As Efdemin he has released numerous albums. Since 2017 he has been working with Konrad Sprenger on the extensive project Modular Organ System.

Konrad Sprenger (*1977)
Konrad Sprenger is a Berlin-based artist, composer, and music producer. Sprenger has long-term collaborations with Arnold Dreyblatt, Ellen Fullman, Phillip Sollmann, Oren Ambarchi and luminary bands as Ethnostress, Rom, Ei and the art group Honey-Suckle Company.

Nico Ihlein (*1972)
Nico Ihlein lives and works as a visual artist in Berlin. His focus is on sculpture and installation, cooperation and ego trip, ornament, abstraction and jewelry, language without exit. He exhibits nationally and internationally.

The Modular Organ System is presented by the Goethe-Institut Brüssel in cooperation with LaVallée

Konrad Sprenger