Milan W. & Tunic Ensemble of Avram Iancu (b/rom)

milan w

Milan W. & Tunic Ensemble of Avram Iancu (b/rom)

MILAN W. AND THE TULNIC ENSEMBLE OF AVRAM IANCU One of EUROPALIA ROMANIA’s residency highlights is the encounter between Belgian electronic music composer Milan Warmoeskerken and a tulnic Ensemble comprising 5 women from the village Avram Iancu. The tulnic is a 2,5m - 3m long traditional wind instrument, used since medieval times as a communication tool in village com- munities in the mountains. Milan W. spent 10 days in the Transylvanian mountains and will experiment with harmonies and textures of the traditional wind instrument to create a long electro- acoustic piece. How rhythmic can he go? What are the melodic capacities of the instrument? Is e ect proces- sing and dubbing possible on such a big instrument? This project is realised in collaboration with The Attic, an online music magazine, which focuses on a wide spectrum of music genres and investigates how music is modeled by certain specific socio-cultural contexts. The live show of Milan W. will be premiered at the opening event of EUROPALIA ROMANIA’s music programme at the Brigittines chapel in Brussels on 4th October 2019.