bambi ofs / Mon 13 November 2023 > Fri 24 November 2023

Bambi OFS is Cédric Dambrain, electronic musician and multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Dambrain's approach to music is motivated by an exploration of perception thresholds and the physiological impact of sound.

His open-ended field of research and expression is matched by a wide range of production styles, which include electroacoustic computer music, compositions for ensembles, noise, sound installations and club-oriented polyrhythmic explorations. Dambrain has also been composing extensively for performance artists and music theatre.


Younes Zarhoni / Tue 26 September 2023 > Sun 1 October 2023

Younes Zarhoni is a visual artist and sound artist. In recent years, he has translated his personal sonic universe into polyphonic vocal installations, electronic compositions, dance music and field recordings. His visual language employs drawing, video and photography and is nurtured and informed by a fascination for medieval mysticism, minimalism, typography, nightclub culture and political historiography and archives.

During his residency, Younes Zarhoni focuses on an exploration of Arabic hetero/polyphonic singing and quadrophonic installations.


Yannick Franck (Raum, MT Gemini) / Mon 17 July 2023 > Thu 20 July 2023

Yannick Franck / AV performance The Rising

Yannick Franck was born in 1981 in Belgium. He is an electronic musician, a sound artist and a vocalist. He operates as a solo act as Raum and MT Gemini and in duos Orphan Swords and Figure Section.
He is the main animator and art director of the Antibody label, which he founded in 2021. For the past ten years, he has explored territories such as electroacoustic music, noise, synthpop and industrial music. His album Just Like A River (as MT Gemini), was an unapologetically experimental revisitation of early Ska and Rocksteady. Released in 2019 on Sub Rosa, the album was defined as “remarkable” by Steve Barker in The Wire Magazine and figured in their yearly Dub music top 10.
His residency at Les Ateliers Claus will be focused on perfecting a ritualistic audiovisual performance called The Rising, a multi-sensory spell created together by Franck and visual artist Gast Bouschet. In the performance, Franck’s sonic incantations are accompanied by a video shot by Bouschet, inspired by one of his alchemical poems that aims to make the inner life of the body participate in a dark, sacred network. The performance feeds on cosmically related but often contradictory forces and ideas that do not cancel each other out but rise to a new level of connection.

Interview of Gast Bouschet by Yannick Franck:

Gast Bouschet:


Harold Schellinx & DIKTAT / Thu 11 May 2023 > Sat 13 May 2023

DIKTAT sprang up 17 years ago in a basement in Montmartre in Paris, where a trio of speculative dictaphonists formed the vertices of a triangle, with a double bass player as a kind of Fermat's point. The dictaphone players were Harold Schellinx, Emmanuel Rébus and Rinus van Alebeek. The double bass was in the hands of Jean Bordé.

As part of a three-day residency at the Ateliers Claus, DIKTAT gives a warm welcome to Brussels friends and lovers on Friday evening, 12 May, from 7.30 p.m., to the 42nd performance of this 'band without properties', which all these years has only worked on one single contingent of music: a chance serenade without beginning and without end, an aleatory-iterative deconstruction of the Renaissance madrigal, of cantata and counterpoint.

A web of voices and outside sounds that all once, elsewhere, far away, found their physical-vibratory origins, and now entangle themselves here in baroque ribbons of time, thinning and thickening in the tracks of a swarm of schizophonic mosquitoes flitting around the bass line, light buoy and beacon on the bars of an acousmatic sea. Possibility music. In which this time the double bass will be wielded by Brussels-based Taiwanese musician Shih-wen Lee.


Pak Yan Lau / Darin Gray / Mon 8 May 2023 > Wed 10 May 2023

Recording Residency Pak Yan Lau / Darin Gray

After the cancelled and postponed tour of Trudge Lightly, latest album from Pak Yan Lau and Darin Gray, this May they will retake the tour and create new materials. Heading in a recording residency in Les Ateliers Claus, they will work on duo material and record new music with Clara Levy, Aleksander Skorić and Giovanni Di Domenico.


Why The Eye? / Fri 14 April 2023 > Fri 21 April 2023

From 14 april to 21 april
Why The Eye ? uses an array of handmade instruments, each featured on the album's insert: hurgy, papillon, radiocaphone, castabignettes, drumkit, and the various sizes of lamellos. These hybrid tools give an elemental presence to their lithic grooves and a uniqueness to their spectral techno.


leila Bordreuil / Fri 10 March 2023 > Thu 16 March 2023

Leila Bordreuil is a Brooklyn-based cellist, composer and sound-artist from France. She accesses concepts as diverse as Noise, contemporary classical, free jazz, and experimental traditions but adheres to none of them. Her music mixes deep melancholia with harsh noise-walls at ear-bleeding levels, and was described by the New York Times as “steadily scathing music, favoring long and corrosive atonalities”.

Driven by a fierce interest in pure sound and inherent texture, Leila challenges conventional cello practice through extreme extended techniques and unorthodox amplification methods, to the extent she sometimes seems to be playing the P.A system rather than the cello. Her compositions frequently incorporate sound-spatialization by way of site-specific pieces and multichannel installations, and focus on neurological perception and our physiological relationship to sound and space.



geier aus stahl / Sun 19 February 2023 > Fri 24 February 2023

Is one of the many artistic guises of Leonard Prochazka. No superfluous elements take away from the core experience of his sound. Somewhere a statement from David Byrne crossed our path, able to highlight something of the essence of Leonard's art: “No matter how alienated the subject or the singer might appear, the groove and its connection to the body would provide solace and grounding. But the edgy, uncomfortable stuff was still on the foreground”. The debut album 'Strapazen und Genesung' takes us to an exciting world that twists, squeaks and creaks, yet is grounded by an unmistakable groove.

images by Marysia Swietlicka



HANS BECKERS at ROSKOT / Wed 1 February 2023 > Sun 30 April 2023

hans beckers at roskot AALST, With his sound installation ‘Sonare Machina’ sound artist and performer Hans Beckers emphasizes the aesthetics and rhythms of sound, noise and silence. Using self-made instruments, he shows how objects that are not generally considered fit to play music on can in fact become musical instruments.

Sonare Machina is an ‘orchestra of sounds’ that exists of 29 found objects with an interesting and subtle sound quality, including: egg slicers, dessert bowls, sieves, poppy seeds, dried grass, an egg cup and a French fries cutter. Each instrument is separately driven by an old switchboard relay and can be considered as a musician with an individual contribution and improvisatory style.

For these 29 musicians a score was composed in which the performer engages in a dialogue with his ‘fellow musicians’, aided by a self-made table instrument that amplifies normally inaudible sounds through a magnetic field. In a combination of composition and improvisation, a whole range of materials is being tuned and rhythmically, melodically and harmonically played. Sorare Machina is a performance in which the musician/performer plays and manipulates the installation.



chris imler / Sun 22 January 2023 > Fri 27 January 2023

He's the most unscrupulous, corrupt and fascinating drummer in all of Berlin. He has played in the semi-legendary Golden Showers and The Spankings (with Taylor Savvy). Other references from his CV include: Peaches, Soffy O, Jens Friebe, Electronicat, Namosh, Jim Avignon, etc. Currently. A one-man-gang-bang: astray vocals, square bass lines and stuttering ringtones.



alto fuero / Sun 8 January 2023 > Fri 20 January 2023

Victoria Palacios and Loto Retina combining deliciously aggressive Spanish poetry with cute-arrogant recorder sounds and unregulated percussion full of twisted samples. Reggaeton? Folk circus? Lo-fi noise?

EC Band / Tue 13 December 2022 > Fri 16 December 2022

A collaboration between New Yorker Luke Calzonetti (Run Dust, Sugarstick & Xerox, Childabuse) and Limburgian Stijn Wybouw (KRAMP, Kraak records) of transcendental improv overtones. Undulating layers of synth lashings, cymbal echoes, and some laid-back guitar action mesh in a spaced out trip in the physical and astral plane.

A filmic hitchhike to nowhere. Their first LP just came out your way via the great Meakusma avenue.


GOING / Mon 12 December 2022 > Fri 16 December 2022

Is a Belgian based group, had a skeletal line up of 2 drummers, (João Lobo and Mathieu Calleja), and 2 keyboards/synths/ fender rhodes + plenty of electronics (Giovanni Di Domenico and Pak Yan Lau).
The sound that they come up with could be loosely post-rock, but also closely allied to improvised, experimental and minimal music.

Their universe is all about trance, where time is being stretched and transformed in different ways. Electronic sounds weaves textures, while polyrhythmic cells are being laid down, sometimes hard to distinguish who is doing what.
Their music can be described as one big trip, a voyage into today’s urban stellar system.

Due to the leave of one of the members (Mathieu Calleja), Going is researching in this residency for possible new musical directions and guests or/and members. Going invites Manuel Mota, Gaspard Sicx and Giotis Damianidis for some experimentations during this week.


studio & concert hall / crickxstraat 15 / brussels

our 2 performance spaces can be rented for recording / practicing.

the studio is acoustically treated in order to be as isolated as possible.
No sounds from outside will disturb you once the doors are closed,
and you won't disturb anyone as long as you don't play harsh-noise.
It has been designed to have a pretty fair amount of liveness,
but can also be dampened using thick carpet and/or curtains.
IDEAL for recordings.

concert hall
This room is a little more rough than the 1st floor, resulting in a more "living" sound,
which can be significantly lowered with heavy duty curtains made for that purpose.
Fully equipped - this is our main concert room - with powerful sound system / video / lights.
IDEAL for concert rehearsing / theatre / practicing.

we also have 2 apartments available, in the same building.
check them via airbnb the studio can host up to 2 people, and the duplex up to 5 people.
both apartments are fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom.

conditions are to be discussed via:

please note that we won't rent for parties / birthdays / human sacrifices.

roskot / our summer residency / ninovesteenweg 28 / aalst