David Maranha (pt) + Chris Corsano (usa) + Richard Youngs (uk)

David Maranha (pt) + Chris Corsano (usa) + Richard Youngs (uk)

a fresh new trio with David Maranha (pt) + Chris Corsano (usa) + Richard Youngs (uk)

Youngs, Maranha & Corsano
Opened up to virtually infinite possibilities, this is a blessed gathering by three of the most idiosyncratic and illuminated artists working in the sprawling field where the most defiant and unmapped musics converge. Leading figures of the unnamable, each of them on his own has created a superlative and indelible body of work, driven by their own vision and willingness to face the unknown. The same uncompromising position that presides over this trio. Let us embrace this with open hearts and minds. We shall be rewarded.

Glaswegian musician whose diverse and extremely prolific output sounds only like himself, Richard Youngs has carved a fascinating path that goes from folk infused reveries to devotional drone, from a capella hymns to electronic excursions and most points in-between with a singular vision and approach. Between song and improvisation, the multi-instrumentalist and singer's will to defy expectations while presenting such a unified and sprawling body of work - dozens of albums and collaborations on labels such as Jagjaguwar, Ba Da Bing! or No Fans - make him a true and humble innovator.

In an everlasting process that continuously repositions and reevaluates infinity as a consciously unachievable but ultimately rewarding goal since the 80's, David Maranha's music has been riding that arch with ferocity and aplomb. A unique vision that has been translating the ETERNAL in a sprawling language through countless performances, approaches and records like 'Marches of the New World' and the Roaratorio released classic 'Antarctica'. Always the unsettled mind, Maranha conveys his spiraling vision on the organ, percussion and violin through drone, improv or ritualistic excursions in different shapes.

Unstoppable north-american drummer whose lexicon seems to be constantly expanding into new and exciting forms, Chris Corsano is justifiably one of the most requested musicians within the improv, free jazz, out-rock, out everything spheres. Owner of a seemingly infinite power of reinvention and vision, Corsano has been travelling all over the globe with the most disparate but always relevant and visionary artists, such as Evan Parker, Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore, Paul Flaherty or Jandek, continuously advancing the potentialities of his instrument.

recording session on June 2nd 2019

maranha trio