João Lobo (pt) + Norberto Lobo (pt) + Soet Kempeneer (b)

João Lobo (pt) + Norberto Lobo (pt)

João Lobo (pt) + Norberto Lobo (pt) + Soet Kempeneer (b)

João Lobo (pt) + Norberto Lobo (pt) + Soet Kempeneer (b) will be in residency at les ateliers claus during the first half of June 2019. They will present you their work during this concert. 

João Lobo (pt) : From jazz to gnawa music, electro-acoustic trance to total improvisation, in solo or in a big band, collaborating on dance and theatre productions and making soundtracks for movies (including “John From” which got him a nomination for Best Original Music at the Fénix Awards 2016 in Mexico), João Lobo maintains a versatile career as a musician mainly playing the drums.

He is the co-founder of Oba Loba, Going, Tetterapadequ, Norman, Mulabanda, and a proud member of Giovanni Guidi Trio, Manuel Hermia Trio, Punk Kong.

He has recorded more than 40 albums, some self-produced and others for labels such as ECM, Clean Feed, CamJazz, De Werf, El Negocito, three:four records, Challenge, NEOS.

He has performed and/or recorded in many countries around the world with many musicians including Enrico Rava, Marshall Allen, Rosewell Rudd, Carlos Bica, Nate Wooley, Maalem Hassan Zogari, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Thomas Morgan, Chris Corsano, and collaborates intensely with Norberto Lobo, Giovanni Di Domenico, Lynn Cassiers, Manolo Cabras and Giovanni Guidi.

Norberto Lobo (pt): Norberto’s case is that of the artist-illusionist that suggests a ground zero for tradition, conjuring several ghosts while leaving them at his door step. It appears that he’s single-handedly changing the relationship between Portuguese music and the guitar. His playing doesn't get insular nor does he try to hide his many influences - yet you feel like you’ve been exorcized just by listening.

Soit Kempeneer (b) begon op 12-jarige leeftijd met het ontdekken van de basgitaar, vanwege zijn grote passie en indruk van de diepe bassen in de muziek. Wanneer hij vertrok naar de Kunsthumaniora Brussel was het duidelijk, jazz, lichte muziek en allerlei interessante genres lagen klaar om ontdekt te worden... Hier studeerde Soet basgitaar bij Wouter Berlaen en Janos Bruneel, allebei welbekend in de muziekwereld, die hem een stevige duw in de juiste richting gaven. Op 16-jarige leeftijd was het tijd voor een nieuw avontuur naast de basgitaar, de contrabas, aangeleerd door Janos Bruneel en voor korte tijd door Nathan Wouters. Soet speelt ondertussen in enkele 'jazz/...' groepen, o.a. Sam'adi Kidsùne (met Reindert Spanhove, Tim Caramin, Jonas Desmet) en Triopated (met Hendrik Lasure en Joram Bemelmans). Sound, klank, sfeer, emotie, intensiteit,... zijn elke keer doeleinden voor élk moment achter het instrument.

recording residency at les ateliers claus, with the aim to release a record on les albums claus & three:four records





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