Laurent Baudoux + Julien Meert

Laurent Baudoux + Julien Meert (b)

For nearly two decades now, Belgium’s Laurent Baudoux has been a pivotal figure in his country’s underground electronic music scene; he has been active as a member of groups such as Electrosold Collectif (alongside Mouse on Mars’ Jan St Werner) and working solo under a wide range of pseudonyms such as Sun OK Papi K.O. and Baleine 3000. Currently working under the name Lawrence Le Doux, Baudoux’s most recent releases for Brussels’ VLEK label have thrust him back into the international spotlight, receiving praise from the likes of Resident Advisor and Thump for his uniquely uplifting take on house and techno.

Julien Meert is a contemporary musicians and visual artist, who originates from Belgium. He decides his time between two passions, which are music and painting. He uses both mediums as a means to express my perception of the world, which he briefly describes as a general feeling of estrangement combined with a constant amazement.

Julien Meert