Lennert Jacobs

Lennert Jacobs (b)

Lennert Jacobs finally kicked out everyone from all different bands he's playing in - MDCIIIRape BlossomsThe Germans and cUNST just to name a few. He'll be residing at les ateliers claus during the 4th heatwave of 2021 working on a live presentation of his debut solo album which will presented in the fall of 21 and will be a co-production between les albums claus & De Werf. 

Lennart Jacobs is a sound explorer and turned himself to the lavish lifestyle and opulent environs of an electronic prospector. He ventures through almost every experimental genre, from spliced tape works and minimalism to loose folk-rock and dub. This bizarre, endlessly fascinating juxtaposition is all the more mysterious as he unveils no formula of his work process - until now.  

lennert jacobs