Lynn Cassiers (b)

Lynn Cassiers (b)

Solo for Table, Objects (and a Human Voice)

Les Ateliers Claus opens its doors to Lynn's research for a week. Offering recording facilities and an isolated working space. All the sessions will be filmed of which some video excerpts will be online under: Lynn Cassiers 'Solo for Table, Objects (and a Human Voice) at les ateliers claus.

Lynn Cassiers is a Brussels based singer and electronical artist that lingers in between musical fields. Her work varies from minimal electronic till eclectic free over electro-acoustic song. She sings in the rock-improv trio Tape Cuts Tape (Rudy Trouvé and Eric Thielemans) and collaborates with Jozef Dumoulin for his band Lidlboj and their free imrpov duo Lilly Joel. Lynn recently started her own band, composing music for an almost acoustic septet 'Imaginary Band'. They released 'Imaginary Band'(clean feed) in 2018.

Her solo dates back to 2007. The music was originally labelled as 'experimental slow electronic improv' but morphed eventually into 13 chamber pop songs on the album The Bird, the Fish and The Ball(Rat Records 2013). Resulting live in abstract electro-acoustic improvisations combined with pop songs. Today her solo shows itself far away from the poppy like songs we'd found on the album of 2013. Recent tours with improvising bands drew her focus back to the abstract. A residency at les ateliers claus this year is dedicated to record new material aiming to restrict her input sources for each session. Her current performance uses all sources combined, hence a 'Solo for Table, Objects (and a Human Voice)'. As for style; slowly modified electro-acoustic abstract song.


Picture (c) Laurent Orseau

Lynn Cassiers, picture (c) Laurent Orseau