Fri 8 March 2024


Ivan Pavlov aka CoH characterizes his latest solo work, Radiant Faults , as “the recording of a dialogue,” rather than a set of compositions. Crafted using a rare new synthesizer, the Silhouette Eins, Pavlov’s first encounter with the instrument across a long, late night session resulted in a continuous set of textures, patterns, and subliminal melodies. At some point during the process, he realized he was not alone: “It was as if something was speaking to me through the gear – the feeling was very intense. No matter how determined and specific I attempted to be, the results were something else. They felt like 'responses.’ This instantly reminded me of ELpH.”

ELpH is the name coined by Coil for a “celestial entity” that emanates from electronic equipment at mysterious moments, altering the creative process in unforeseen ways. They devised the term during studio sessions back in 1994, during which sustained software accidents ultimately seemed possessed of supernatural intelligence, spawning its own mythos. As a longtime member of Coil ’s inner circle, Pavlov is steeped in ELpH’s ideology and influence – and highly qualified to identify an encounter of his own. Radiant Faults offers a compelling addition to the ELpH canon, at the threshold of music and manifestation, embracing the “divine quality of error.”

The Silhouette Eins is a unique instrument combining the 1920's concept of an "optical soundtrack" with a hardware synth interface to Pure Data: a visual programming language for producing interactive music, using realtime video signal in its synthesis of sound. Pavlov’s attempted manipulations were answered by indecipherable transmissions from some distant, unknowable place. Stark waveforms drone and bend against skeletal metronomes; murmured pulses flicker down empty corridors; high fluorescent tones gleam and glitch in zero gravity – the mood throughout is one of generative whispers, hidden sentience, and ghosts in the machinery. A post-human terrain of scaffolding, shadows, and semi-conscious circuitry, rippling with veiled energies.

Authorship aside, Pavlov’s process is transformative: “What we perceive as an error or mistake could very well be a message coming through. And while we are not able to decipher the message, sometimes – just like from a crack in a surface, or a tear in fabric – a light unexpectedly seeps through.”

MARC MELIÀ - Monophonic Pieces
Born in Majorca, composer and producer MARC MELIÀ is renowned for his ability to find beauty and emotion within the circuitry of his synthesizer. Through his precise gestures, the instrument seamlessly transforms into an extension of his own body. Currently based in Brussels, he has spent the past decade composing and producing for a diverse range of notable figures in the French music scene.

MELIÀ first gained recognition within the online synthesizer community through his captivating performances on the Sequential Circuits Prophet synthesizer. This led to his debut solo album, "Music For Prophet," entirely recorded using this legendary synthesizer. His second record, "VEUS," marked a shift towards exploring and manipulating his own voice through electronic means.

For the occasion, armed solely with an analog monophonic synthesizer, he will premiere a series of handcrafted monophonic MIDI sequences, pieces that pay homage to simplicity and austerity in an era dominated by boundless digital resources. These "Monophonic Pieces" serve as a heartfelt homage to the enduring tradition of monophonic music, tracing its roots from the imaginary, time-lost melodies of humanity's earliest creations to the comforting lullabies cradled to newborns, the ethereal Gregorian chants, the resonance of traditional labor songs, and the vast repertoire of solo compositions crafted by countless composers.

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