Sat 23 September 2023

K-Group (NZ) + Kristallroll & Vincent Jehanno (FR) + Gerry Franke (De)

presented by knotwilg records and les ateliers claus

K-Group (nz)
live + new lp presentation. Straight from the Surface Of The Earth drone-headquarters. 

New LP out on Knotwilg presented live.

Kristallroll & Vincent Jehanno (FR)
double drum/percussion driven duo + a reel to reel extravaganza from Vincent Jehanno mingled in. Kristallroll is half of Humbros (see also Knotwilg and Album Claus lp's) and part of Nis Nah Ensemble.

gerry franke (de)
A modest, dubby orientated take on psyched out rhythms bumping into obscure percussion countered by guitar and synths. The aim is taking all evidence into court to prove there is a bright musical future behind that horizon. The result is a mindshaking experience where listeners suddenly start to dance, while the dancers become aware of an introvert nature. Last year’s lp ‘Found Myself Or Just I’m Dead’ on Tax Free Records made it to several ‘best of year’ lists. Rightfully so because it is a timeless masterpiece not revealing all its secrets instantly. Hence the appeal to Knotwilg to present this.

DJ Klakke: As requested by some people & bands playing: a partyset (of sorts)


doors: 20:30



tickets: 14€