Sat 3 June 2023

ALAMEDA (pl) + Sunk Heaven (us)

||ALA|MEDA|| - alameda (pl)

The band consists of five accomplished instrumentalists known from such bands/projects as T'IEN LAI, JAVVA, 3MOONBOYS, Jachna/Mazurkiewicz/Buhl, HATI (known from long term live and studio collaboration with Z'EV), VOICES OF THE COSMOS, ex-INNERCITY ENSEMBLE, ex-STARA RZEKA, ex-KAPITAL (known from live and studio collaboration with Richard Pinhas of HELDON), and others.

As one of the most experienced Polish underground musicians they performed with various of the above mentioned projects on such festivals as Unsound London & New York, Airwaves Festival Reykjavik, Primavera Sound Barcelona, Incubate Tilburg, Le Guess Who Utrecht, Les Siestes Electroniques Toulouse, CTM Berlin, Insomnia Festival Tromsø, Luminato Toronto, Fanø Free Folk Festival, Wrocław Industrial Festival, Katowice JazzArt Festival and many others..

The key word here is „batida", musical style originated in Angola and famous for its euphoric and syncopated rhythm. ALAMEDA 5 expands this musical idiom it their own novel way, adding the influences of industrial music, post-punk, gqom, dub and vaporwave. It leads to a unique tropical-industrial combination where avant-garde meets afro-house, complex sampling and granular synthesis are incorporated into frenetic live rhythm section. The main idea of the band's new direction is a total fusion of electronics and live music and obliteration of all divisions between high and low arts, sublime and vulgar works, avant-garde and entertainment, music „for the soul" and music „for the body".

sunk heaven (usa)(new york)

Sunk Heaven was founded in 2012 by experimental musician Austin Sley Julian. 
Based in performance, no input mixers, and synthesizers, Sunk Heaven has used the streches of sonic extremity to produce elegant yet self destructing soundscapes.
Through these sonic environments emerge rhythm and poetry where song lives.
Austin Sley Julian’s previous work in the groups sediment club and signal break lead his musical career towards pushing the limits of instrumentation and building homemade instruments to perform.

Sunk Heaven further expands this inventive instrumentation into the experimental electronic conversation. While Sunk Heaven began in providence, Rhode Island, where Slay Julian was residing at the time, Austin is a native New Yorker where the project is currently based. Bridging these two communities of experimental electronic music, Sunk Heaven tours nationally and internationally, releasing 10 albums in the past 10 years.

les ateliers claus

doors: 20:30